Your First Digital Twin Assistant and the Future of Video Entertainment

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The speed at which AI seems to be advancing is unbelievable. Before the end of last year, most of us thought that AI wouldn’t be individually useful for a few years yet. Then ChatGPT hit, backed by GPT-3 technology, followed quickly by GPT-4, and suddenly, we are surrounded by artificial intelligence that can improve our productivity.

One of the most interesting is the video synthesis AI model by DeepBrain AI, which can create a working digital twin of a human that can increasingly take on tasks that the human it mirrors would typically have to do.

Let’s chat about the emergence of the useful human digital twin this week. We’ll close with my Product of the Week, Lenovo’s Motorola ThinkPhone, a smartphone that addresses one of the computer industry’s biggest mistakes in its response to Apple’s iPhone.

Avatar Use Cases

While most of the initial use cases for this technology are for video news programs where the avatar and newsperson are indistinguishable (example in Asia), other uses include:

Virtual kiosks in banks where it looks like you are talking to a human but are instead chatting with an AI
One-way training videos working from a written script
A virtual concierge at a hotel that can assist with things like restaurant reservations or show tickets
Interactive videos where, again, it feels like you are talking to a live person

Video Description

Some of these avatars were never real people; they were computer-generated, highly realistic images.

Cost advantages are significant as it typically costs around $4,000 to create some of this short-form content with a live person, but it only costs around $100 to do the same thing with a computer-generated avatar.

The avatar doesn’t require rehearsal and will work from the written script without distractions like illness or any of the conflicts or behavioral problems typically associated with live talent.

Given that the avatar works from text, it can be controlled by other AI like ChatGPT or IBM’s Watson, which created a level of human-like interactive content that could fool many people into thinking they are talking to a live person.

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Since GPT-4 is already doing interesting work with scripts and stories, you can put this on the roadmap to having complete photorealistic movies and TV shows created entirely by AIs dynamically based on user preferences.

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